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Railroad and Railway Service

Hackensack and New York Railroad11
Halifax and Yarmouth Railway6
Hampton and Branchvllle Railroad6
Hampton and St Martins Railway4
Hannibal and St Joseph Railroad1025
Hanover Branch Railroad13
Harbor Springs Railway2
Hardwick and Woodbury Railroad7
Harriman and Northeastern Railroad10
Harriman Coal and Iron Railroad7
Harrisburg, Portsmouth, Mount Joy and Lancaster Railroad192
Hartford and New Haven Railroad462
Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad443
Hawkinsville and Florida Southern Railway8
Hawthorne, Nebaganion and Superior Railway8
Hazelhurst and Southeastern Railway6
Hazleton Railroad14
Hearne and Brazos Valley Railroad4
Hecla and Torch Lake Railroad6
Hempfield Railroad19
Hetch-Hetchy and Yostmite Valley Railroad3
Hickman and Obion Railroad14
Hickory Valley Railroad6
Hocking Valley Railway16
Hoffman and Troy Railroad5
Hollins, Helflin and Sylacauga Railroad5
Holly River and Addison Railway7
Holston Valley Railway5
Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington Railroad13
Housatonic Railroad402
Houston and Texas Central Railroad1411
Houston East and West Text Railway9
Hudson and Boston Railroad151
Hudson River Railroad573
Hunters Run and Slate Belt Railroad6
Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain Railroad151
Huntington and Broad Top Railroad241