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Railroad and Railway Service

Gainesville and Gulf Railway9
Gainesville, Jefferson and Southern Railroad3
Galena and Chicago Union Railroad35
Galesburg and Great Eastern Railroad4
Galeton, South Branch and Germania Railroad3
Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway303
Galveston, Houston and Henderson Railroad25
Galveston, Houston and Northern Railway121
Genesee and Wyoming Railroad7
Georges Creek and Cumberland Railroad7
Georges Valley Railroad3
Georgetown and Western Railroad9
Georgia Eastern Railway7
Georgia Midland and Gulf Railroad6
Georgia Northern Railway7
Georgia Pacific Railway71
Georgia Railroad32
Georgia Southern and Florida Railway191
Georgia, Florida and Alabama Railway4
Gettysburg and Harrisburg Railway8
Gettysburg Railroad15
Gila Valley, Globe and Northern Railway4
Glade Creek and Raleigh Railroad61
Glenfield and Western Railroad5
Glenn Springs Railroad4
Grafton and Brunswick Railroad4
Grafton and Upton Railroad41
Grand French Railroad1
Grand Gulf and Port Gibson Railroad14
Grand Rapids and Indiana Railway29
Grand Tower and Carbondale Railroad4
Grand Trunk Railway1092
Great Central Kentucky Railroad11
Great Eastern Railway5
Great Falls and Canada Railway10
Great Falls and Conway Railroad9
Great Northern Railway Line431
Great Northern Railway of Canada15
Great Western Illinois Railroad19
Green Bay and Minnesota Railroad4
Green Bay and Western Railroad10
Green Bay, Milwaukee and Chicago Railroad10
Green Bay, Winona and St Paul Railroad8
Greenville and Columbia Railroad51
Greenville and Miami Railroad14
Greenwich and Johnsonville Railway13
GreigsvilIe and Pearl Creek Railroad3
Gulf and Brazos Valley Railroad2
Gulf and Chicago Railroad10
Gulf and Interstate Railway of Texas4
Gulf and Ship Island Railroad15
Gulf Shore Railway6
Gulf Western Texas and Pacific Railway5
Gulf, Beaumont and Kansas City Railroad11
Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway1306
Gunpowder Valley Railroad2