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Railroad and Railway Service

Fairchild and Northeastern Railway5
Fairhaven Railroad71
Fall Brook Railway7
Farmville and Powhatan Railroad101
Fayette County Railroad8
Findlay, Fort Wayne and Western Railway16
Fitchburg and Worcester Railroad9
Fitchburg Railroad581
Flemington Railroad145
Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad301
Florence and Cripple Creek Railway21
Florida and Georgia Railway3
Florida Central and Peninsular Railroad14
Florida Central and Western Railroad4
Florida East Coast Railway15
Florida Midland Railway5
Florida Railroad5
Florida Railroad Company52
Florida Southern Railway41
Florida Transit and Peninsular Railroad4
Florida Western Railroad2
Flovilla and Indian Springs Railway4
Flushing Railroad14
Fonda, Johnstown and Gloversville Railroad9
Fordyce and Princeton Railway7
Fort Smith and Western Railroad7
Fort Smith, Poteau and Western Railway4
Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad141
Fort Wayne and Jackson Railroad61
Fort Wayne and Southern Railroad16
Fort Wayne Cincinnati and Louisville Railroad10
Fort Worth and Denver City Railroad311
Fort Worth and Rio Grande and Southern Railway8
Fort Worth and Rio Grande Railway6
Four Mile Valley Railroad9
Frankfort and Cincinnati Railway6
Franklin and Megantic Railway6
Fredericksburg and Gordonsville Railroad11
Freehold and Jamesburg Agricultural Railroad192
Fremont and Indiana Railroad11
Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railway37
Fulton County Narrow Gauge Railway9