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Shenango and Allegheny Railroad91
Houghton, Chassell and Southwestern Railroad91
Kanona and Prattsburgh Railway91
Jackson and Ohio Railroad91
Chippewa River and Menomonie Railway91
Des Moines Union Railway91
South Carolina Railroad91
Kanawha and Michigan RailwayKanawha and Michigan Railway91
West Michigan Interurban Railroad91
Port Huron, St Clair and Marine City Railroad91
South Florida Railroad91
New York and Northern Railway91
Suffolk and Carolina Railway81
Chicago, Dubuque and Minnesota Railroad81
Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railway81
East Carolina Railway81
Orange Belt Railway81
Kansas City, Lawrence and Southern Kansas Railroad81
Florida Southern Railway81
Sandusky and Mansfield Railroad81
Clinton Line Railroad81
Toledo, Ann Arbor and Cadillac Railroad81
Atlantic and Gulf Railroad81
Columbus and Toledo Railroad81
Toledo, Ann Arbor and Lake Michigan Railroad81
Belt Railway81
Queen Annes Railroad81
Manchester and North Weare Railroad81
Detroit Street Railway81
Chicago and Paducah Railroad81
European and North American Railway81
Chicago and Northern Pacific Railroad81
Muskegon Street Railway81
Montgomery and West Point Railroad81
Southern Pacific Railway71
Denver, South Park and Pacific Railway71
Middletown and Cincinnati Railroad71
Peach Bottom Railroad71
Detroit and Lake St Clair Railroad71
New Orleans Jackson and Great Northern Railroad71
Detroit and Northwestern Railroad71
Beech Creek Railroad71
Rio Grande Junction Railway Company71
Cincinnati, Selma and Mobile Railroad71
Portage Railroad71
Des Moines Northern and Western Railway71
Colorado Central Railroad71
Mount Pleasant and Western Railroad71
Houghton and Ontonagon Railroad71
Toledo, Ann Arbor and Mackinaw Railroad71
Pontiac and Southern Railroad71
Grand Rapids, Indiana and Mackinaw Railway71
Monroe Connecting Railroad71
Danville and Western Railway71
Atlantic City Railroad71
Fairhaven Railroad71
Oxford and Port Austin Railroad71
Riverdale and Lake Michigan Railroad71
Texas Central Railroad71
Detroit, Toledo and Jackson Railroad71
Flint and Fentonville Railroad71
Chambersburg, Greencastle and Hagerstown Railroad71
Cass Avenue Railroad71
Detroit Belt Railroad71
Sault Ste Marie and Marquette Railroad71
Canada Central Railway61
Texas Pacific Railway61
Worcester and Shrewsbury Railroad61
Glade Creek and Raleigh Railroad61
Wellington and Powellsville Railroad61
South and North Alabama Railroad61
Utica, Ithaca and Elmira Railroad61
Texas Mexican Railway61
Silver Springs Ocala and Gulf Railroad61
Coldwater and Central Michigan Railroad61
Detroit Suburban Railway61
Chicago and Great Eastern Railway61
Blue Ridge Railway61
Calumet Railroad61
Flint and Great Lakes Railroad61
Wilmington, Columbia and Augusta Railroad61
Slate Run Railroad61
San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad61
Baltimore and Philadelphia Railroad61
Southwestern Railroad61
Chicago and Ohio River Railroad61
Sodus Bay and Southern Railroad61
Alpena and Northern Railroad61
Delaware River Railroad61
Pecos Valley Railway51
Painesville and Youngstown Railroad51
Cape Fear and Northern Railway51
Negaunee and Palmer Railroad51
Dayton and Southeastern Railroad51
Kansas City, Springfield and Memphis Railroad51
Paducah Tennessee and Alabama Railroad51
Paducah and Elizabethtown Railroad51
Utica and Schenectady Railroad51
Kansas City, Memphis and Birmingham Railroad51
Detroit, Almont and Northern Railroad51