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Linking railroads and railways to the people who worked on and managed them.

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Mineral Point Railroad20
Dayton, Xenia and Belpre Railroad20
Troy, Boston and Western Vermont Railroad20
Peru and Indianapolis Railroad20
Bear Lake and Eastern Railroad20
Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Cleveland Railroad20
Boston Elevated Railway20
Milwaukee, Benton Harbor and Columbus Railway20
Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad19
Manassas Gap Railroad19
Lehigh and Hudson River Railway19
Great Western Illinois Railroad19
South Carolina Railway19
Laurens Railroad19
Potsdam and Watertown Railroad19
Muskegon, Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad19
Mason and Oceana Railroad19
Lexington and Frankfort Railroad19
St Louis, Arkansas and Texas Railway19
Kingston and Pembroke Railway19
Rockford, Rock Island and St Louis Railway18
Bellaire, Zanesville and Cincinnati Railway18
Allegan and Southeastern Railroad18
Montpelier and Wells River Railroad18
Toledo, Cincinnati and St Louis Railway18
Manistee and Luther Railroad18
West Chester and Philadelphia Railroad18
Interoceanic Railway of Mexico18
Jackson and Battle Creek Traction Railroad18
St Clair and Chicago Air Line Railroad18
Rock Island and Peoria Railroad18
National Railroad Company of Mexico18
Springfield, Mount Vernon and Pittsburgh Railroad18
East Saginaw and Ann Arbor Railroad17
St Louis, Keokuk and Northwestern Railroad17
Mount Carbon Railroad17
Ontonagon Railroad17
Sackets Harbor and Saratoga Railroad17
Fort Wayne and Southern Railroad17
Barclay Railroad17
California Southern Railroad17
Hocking Valley Railway17
Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad17
Montour Railroad17
Adrian and Detroit Railroad17
Wyandotte Southern Railroad17
Alabama and Vicksburg Railway17
Lake George and Muskegon River Railroad17
Cairo and Fulton Railroad of Missouri17
Detroit and St Clair River Railroad17
Canadian Government Railways17
Muscogee and Georgia Railroad17
Detroit, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor and Jackson Railroad17
Staten Island Rapid Transit Railroad17
Cairo and Fulton Railroad of Arkansas17
Sycamore and Cortland Railroad17
Northern Railroad of New Jersey17
Arkansas Midland Railroad16
Grand Rapids and Saginaw Railroad16
Marquette and Southeastern Railway16
New York City Sixth Avenue Railroad16
Fort Gratiot and Lexington Railroad16
Chicago, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway16
Gulf and Ship Island Railroad16
Sackets Harbor and Ellisburgh Railroad16
Sodus Point and Southern Railroad16
Marion Railroad16
Arcadia and Betsey River Railway16
Manistee Light and Traction Railroad16
Fort Wayne Cincinnati and Louisville Railroad16
Muscogee Railroad16
Louisiana and Arkansas Railroad16
Lima Northern Railroad16
Manistique and Northwestern Railroad16
Ohio Southern Railroad16
Romeo and Mt Clemens Railroad16
Prairie du Chien and La Crosse Railroad16
Mason City and Fort Dodge Railroad16
Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad16
Findlay, Fort Wayne and Western Railway16
Southside Railroad16
Iron Rail Railroad16
Louisville and Frankfort Railroad16
Brooklyn City Railroads16
Indianapolis and Madison Railroad16
Stony Brook Railroad16
New Albany and Sandusky City Junction Railroad16
Southwestern Railroad of Tennessee16
Negaunee and Ishpeming Street Railway15
Escanaba Electric Street Railway15
Evansville, Indianapolis and Cleveland Railroad15
Cleveland, Zanesville and Cincinnati Railroad15
Sheboygan and Fond du Lac Railroad15
Albany Northern Railroad15
Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek District Railway15
Hanover Branch Railroad15
Quebec and Lake St John Railway15
Erie and New York City Railroad15
Weston and Atchison Railroad15
Sandy River Railroad15