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Railroad and Railway Service

Abbotsford and Northeastern Railroad8
Aberdeen and Asheboro Railway7
Aberdeen and Rock Fish Railroad72
Addyston and Ohio River Railroad8
Adirondack and St Lawrence Railway4
Adirondack Railway62
Ahnapee and Western Railway3
Akron and Barberton Belt Railroad5
Alabama and Florida Railroad21
Alabama and Mississippi Rivers Railroad7
Alabama and Tennessee River Railroad22
Alabama and Tombigbee Railroad9
Alabama and Vicksburg Railway17
Alabama Great Southern Railroad254
Alabama Midland Railway71
Alameda and San Joaquin Railroad5
Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway5
Albany and Northern Railway3
Albany and Susquehanna Railroad211
Albany Northern Railroad15
Albert Southern Railway4
Alberta Railway and Coal Company11
Alexander and Rich Mountain Railway4
Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad122
Algoma Central and Hudson Bay Railway13
Allegheny and South Side Railway6
Allegheny Valley Railroad30
Allentown Railroad15
Alton Terminal Railway5
Altoona and Beech Creek Railroad3
American Central Railway10
Ames and College Railway3
Amherst and Belchertown Railroad9
Androscoggin and Kennebec Railroad161
Androscoggin Railroad17
Angelina and Neches River Railroad4
Ann Arbor Railroad121
Annapolis and Elk Ridge Railroad16
Annapolis, Washington and Baltimore Railroad6
Aransas Harbor Terminal Railway2
Arcadia and Betsey River Railway5
Arcata and Mad River Railroad5
Arizona and New Mexico Railway9
Arizona and Utah Railway4
Arkansas and Choctaw Railway9
Arkansas and Louisiana Railway12
Arkansas Central Railroad7
Arkansas Midland Railroad13
Arkansas Southern Railroad12
Arkansas Southwestern Railway7
Arkansas Western Railroad6
Ashland and Wooster Railway4
Ashland Coal and Iron Railway11
Ashland, Siskiwit and Iron River Railway7
Ashtabula and New Lisbon Railroad6
Astoria and Columbia River Railroad11
Atchison and Nebraska Railroad102
Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway3699
Atlanta and Charlotte Air Line Railroad62
Atlanta and La Grange Railroad8
Atlanta and West Point Railroad71
Atlanta, Knoxville and Northern Railway11
Atlantic and Birmingham Railroad13
Atlantic and Danville Railway4
Atlantic and Great Western Railroad553
Atlantic and Gulf Railroad7
Atlantic and Lake Superior Railway8
Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad123
Atlantic and Pacific Railroad505
Atlantic and St Lawrence Railroad9
Atlantic City Railroad6
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad694
Atlantic, Valdosta and Western Railway111
Au Sable and Northwestern Railroad12
Auburn and Allentown Railroad1
Augusta and Summerville Railroad3
Augusta and Waynesboro Railroad12