Vintage Postcard Collections

Celebrating the history of our people and places as recorded in some postcards.

DC, Washington
Aerial View
George Davis
Part of the collection in the Kiplinger Library of the Washingtion DC Historical Society.
Total: 25,354
Austria, GrazLakes, RiversSC, CharlestonR. L. Burnell
Healy Hall
DC, Georgetown UniversityHealy HallSchoolsSC, CharlestonGeorge Davis
DC, WashingtonAerial ViewSC, CharlestonGeorge Davis
Broad Street
PA, PhiladelphiaBroad StreetStreetsSC, CharlestonEva Kanapaux
Fairmount Park
PA, PhiladelphiaFairmount ParkParksSC, CharlestonEva Kanapaux
Independence Hall
PA, PhiladelphiaIndependence HallGovernmentSC, CharlestonWilliam J. Wright
Liberty Bell
PA, PhiladelphiaLiberty BellMiscellaneousSC, CharlestonCarrie Kanapaux
Liberty Bell
PA, PhiladelphiaLiberty BellMiscellaneousSC, CharlestonEva A. Kanapaux
Washington Monument
PA, PhiladelphiaWashington MonumentMonumentsSC, CharlestonEva Kanapaux
Wissahickon Creek
PA, PhiladelphiaWissahickon CreekLakes, RiversSC, CharlestonEva A. Kanapaux
VA, Mt Vernon EstateGardenGardensSC, CharlestonG. A. Davis
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