Vintage Postcard Collections

Celebrating the history of our people and places as recorded in some postcards.

Malcolm Dain
NY, St Lawrence Co, Hermon
2023-10-26 13:29:50 ET
Total: 27,047
Library of Congress
DC, WashingtonLibrary of CongressLibrariesNY, WaddingtonHenry Conway
Lincoln Memorial
DC, WashingtonLincoln MemorialNighttime, MonumentsNY, CantonHelen O'Crainie?
US Capitol
DC, WashingtonUS CapitolOfficesNY, PotsdamJames Stitt
Summer Street
MA, BostonSummer StreetStreetsNY, MadridClayton HaleyJIm Cartwright
Summer Street
MA, BostonSummer StreetStreetsNY, MadridClayton HaleyJim Cartwright
Adirondack Mountains
NY, Essex CoAdirondack MountainsLakes, RiversNY, TalcvilleBernice Babcock
Benjamin Falls
VT, BerlinBenjamin FallsWaterfallsNY, PotsdamMiss Elsie Elliott
VT, SpringfieldWaterfallsNY, MassenaMiss Lottie Fuller
David C. Cook Publishing Co
David C. Cook Publishing CoPostal CardsNY, MassenaMrs J. B. Dodge
ChristmasNY, Madrid SpringsRuth Haley
ChristmasNY, Cranberry LakeMrs George Fletcher
ChristmasNY, ColtonMiss Carrie Basford
ComicalNY, HermonMalcolm Dain
EasterNY, Madrid SpringsMrs C. O. HaleySarah Banford Ross
EasterNY, CantonLibbie Jamieson
EasterNY, NorwoodMrs R. A. Hill
Greetings, Best WishesNY, De PeysterMrs Fred Stillman
Greetings, Best WishesNY, ParishvilleBlanche Fletcher
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