Vintage Postcard Collections

Celebrating the history of our people and places as recorded in some postcards.

Evelyn Bill
C. Cook
NJ, Union Co, Rahway
Total: 22,478
DC, The White HouseResidencesNJ, RoselleJean Rights
Cherry Blossoms
DC, WashingtonCherry BlossomsFlowersNJ, RoselleEleanor Blohm
Cherry Blossoms; Lincoln Memorial
DC, WashingtonCherry Blossoms; Lincoln MemorialMonumentsNJ, RoselleDorothy Blohm
Cherry Blossoms; Washington Monument
DC, WashingtonCherry Blossoms; Washington MonumentFlowers, MonumentsNJ, RoselleAlice M. RightsL. D. Rights
Jefferson Memorial
DC, WashingtonJefferson MemorialMonumentsNJ, New ProvidenceShirley Cox
Library of Congress
DC, WashingtonLibrary of CongressLibrariesNJ, ElizabethAnton Bloeckner
Lincoln Statue; Lincoln Memorial
DC, WashingtonLincoln Statue; Lincoln MemorialStatues, MonumentsNJ, RoselleT. B. Rights
Union Station Washington
DC, WashingtonUnion Station WashingtonRailway StationsNJ, ElizabethMrs R. D. Rights
US Capitol
DC, WashingtonUS CapitolOfficesNJ, RoselleAlice M. RightsL. D. Rights
US Capitol
DC, WashingtonUS CapitolOfficesNJ, RoselleH. H. Brown
US Public Health Service
DC, WashingtonUS Public Health ServiceGovernmentNJ, RoselleDorothy Blohm
US Supreme Court
DC, WashingtonUS Supreme CourtGovernmentNJ, RoselleRobert Rights
Washington Monument
DC, WashingtonWashington MonumentMonumentsNJ, RoselleT. B. RightsL. Mockton
Washington Monument
DC, WashingtonWashington MonumentMonumentsNJ, RoselleRobert Rights
Epping Forest, Mrs Alfred I. Dupont
FL, JacksonvilleEpping Forest, Mrs Alfred I. DupontResidencesNJ, HillsideDoris Bishop
FL, Miami BeachNJ, RahwayC. CookEvelyn Bill
Lupton Hall
GA, Brookhaven, Oglethorpe UniversityLupton HallSchoolsNJ, WestfieldMrs Howard Gay
John Thacher House
MA, Barnstable CoJohn Thacher HouseResidencesNJ, ElizabethMrs H. L. Bennett
Norman's Woe
MA, MagnoliaNorman's WoeBeachesNJ, PlainfieldLouise PattersonHelen Irons
White Mountains
NH, Coos CoWhite MountainsMountainsNJ, Elizabeth
NJ, WildwoodClubsNJ, Berkeley HeightsE. L. Dickey
Paradise Bay
NY, Lake GeorgeParadise BayLakes, RiversNJ, LindenMark L. HowardHarold N. Bennett
Memorial Art Gallery
NY, RochesterMemorial Art GalleryMuseumsNJ, ElizabethMiss Marion L. Hesse
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