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Celebrating the history of our people and places as recorded in some postcards.

DC, Washington
Related Organization
US Department of State
Rotograph Co
Mrs K. H. Lambrecht
MN, Olmsted Co, Rochester
Part of the collection in the Kiplinger Library of the Washingtion DC Historical Society.
Related People
Alfred Bult Mullett, Architect
🏢 US Department of State
Total: 25,354
Corcoran Gallery of Art
DC, WashingtonCorcoran Gallery of ArtMuseumsMN, RochesterIda Rea
Museum of Natural History
DC, WashingtonMuseum of Natural HistoryMuseumsMN, RochesterA. Lamprecht
Rotunda, Resignation of Washington; US Capitol
DC, WashingtonRotunda, Resignation of Washington; US CapitolArt, OfficesMN, RochesterMiss A. Lambrecht
US Department of State
DC, WashingtonUS Department of StateGovernmentMN, RochesterMrs K. H. Lambrecht
State St
WI, Fox LakeState StStreetsMN, RochesterClara Olson
WI, Richland CenterLakes, RiversMN, RochesterMiss B. Ella McDermottGertie Hanson
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