Vintage Postcard Collections

Celebrating the history of our people and places as recorded in some postcards.

Betty Knepper
Alma Carlson
KS, Pawnee Co, Garfield
2023-10-08 14:46:04 ET
Total: 27,047
CAMissionsMapsKS, LarnedMyrtle ChestermanEltha Miller
Church of the Recessional
CA, Glendale, Forest Lawn Memorial ParkChurch of the RecessionalParksKS, GarfieldMrs G. E. Carlson
CA, Glendale, Little Church of the FlowersChurchesKS, GarfieldAlma Carlson
Ferrry Ramona
CA, San DiegoFerrry RamonaKS, GarfieldEster Carlson
CA, YosemiteMountainsKS, GarfieldAlma E. CarlsonMrs W. H. Heard
Glacier Point
CA, Yosemite National ParkGlacier PointNational ParksKS, GarfieldAlma E. Carlson
CA, Yosemite National ParkMoonlightNational Parks, NighttimeKS, GarfieldAlma Carlson
Nevada Falls
CA, Yosemite National ParkNevada FallsNational ParksKS, GarfieldAlma E. Carlson
Vernal Falls
CA, Yosemite National ParkVernal FallsNational Parks, WaterfallsKS, GarfieldAlma E. Carlson
FL, Sarasota, First Presbyterian ChurchChurchesKS, GarfieldAlma E. CarlsonEthel Grace Annis
Vinegar Bible
NH, Portsmouth, St Johns Episcopal ChurchVinegar BibleChurchesKS, GarfieldAlma E. Carlson
High Level Bridge
OH, ClevelandHigh Level BridgeBridgesKS, GarfieldG. E. Carlson
Jewish Temple
OH, ClevelandJewish TempleChurchesKS, GarfieldAlma E. Carlson
OH, Cleveland, Cathedral of St John the EvangelistChurchesKS, GarfieldAlma CarlsonBetty Knepper
Grand Teton National Park
WY, Moose, Church of the TransfigurationGrand Teton National ParkChurches, National ParksKS, GarfieldAlma CarlsonE. J. Lewis
WY, Yellowstone National ParkGeyserNational ParksKS, GarfieldAlma E. Carlson
BirthdayKS, GarfieldAlma E. Carlson
Greetings, Best WishesKS, GarfieldAlma E. CarlsonF. Meier
EasterKS, GarfieldMrs G. E. CarlsonHannah McClatchey
ChristmasKS, GarfieldMrs G. E. CarlsonAnna De Mun
George Washington
George WashingtonPersonalKS, GarfieldNellie Carlson
Language of Flowers
Language of FlowersFlowersKS, GarfieldEster Carlson
The Resurrection
The ResurrectionArtKS, GarfieldEsther Carlson
BirdsKS, GarfieldMrs Gus Carlson
Birds, Greetings, Best WishesKS, GarfieldEsther Carlson
BirthdayKS, GarfieldEsther Carlson
BirthdayKS, GarfieldAlma E. Carlson
BirthdayKS, GarfieldAlma E. Carlson
BirthdayKS, Garfield
BirthdayKS, GarfieldAlma E. Carlson
ChristmasKS, GarfieldAlma E. CarlsonNellie Lyman
ChristmasKS, GarfieldMrs A. E. Carlson
ChristmasKS, GarfieldMrs G. CarlsonNellie Lange
ChristmasKS, GarfieldAlma Carlson
ChristmasKS, GarfieldAlma CarlsonLillie A. Collin
ChristmasKS, GarfieldEsther Carlson
ChristmasKS, GarfieldEsther Carlson
ChristmasKS, GarfieldG. E. CarlsonC. E. Peterson
ChristmasKS, GarfieldGustavus CarlsonAlma Carlson
ChristmasKS, GarfieldMrs Gust Carlson
ChristmasKS, GarfieldAlma E. Carlson
ChristmasKS, GarfieldG. E. Carlson
ChristmasKS, GarfieldNellie Carlson
ChristmasKS, GarfieldMrs Gus CarlsonMathilda Olson
ChristmasKS, GarfieldAlma CarlsonMay Erickson
ChristmasKS, GarfieldAlma CarlsonMaggie Hall
ChristmasKS, GarfieldAlma E. CarlsonRosa A. Bliss
ComicalKS, GarfieldEster Carlson
CongratulationsKS, GarfieldAlma CarlsonM. L. Keller?
EasterKS, GarfieldAlma Carlson
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