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Pedigree: William Cavendish
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William Cavendish b.14 DEC 1748 
William Cavendish b.8 MAY 1720 
William Cavendish b.26 SEP 1698 
William Cavendish b.15 JAN 1641 
Mary Butler b.1646 
Rachel Russell b.JAN 1674 
William Russell b.29 SEP 1639 
Catherine Hoskins b.abt 1700 
Richard Boyle b.25 APR 1694 
Charles Boyle b.abt 1668 
Charles Boyle b.12 DEC 1639 
Lady Jane Seymour b.6 JUL 1637 
Juliana Noel b.19 MAY 1672 
Henry Noel b.abt 1630 
Dorothy Saville b.13 SEP 1699 
Mary Finch b.1673 
Daniel Finch b.2 JUL 1647 
Lady Essex Rich b.abt 1650 
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