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Pedigree: William Benjamin Bacon
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William Benjamin Bacon b.15 FEB 1823 
Daniel Carpenter Bacon b.23 MAY 1787 
Ebenezer Bacon b.30 AUG 1756 
Edward Bacon b.23 JAN 1714 
Samuel Bacon b.20 JAN 1682 
Sarah Taylor b.6 OCT 1678 
Patience Marston b.1 JAN 1720 
Benjamin Marston b.18 DEC 1694 
Lydia Goodspeed b.14 OCT 1696 
Rebecca Jenkins b.5 NOV 1763 
Nathaniel Jenkins b.21 OCT 1734 
Ebenezer Jenkins b.5 DEC 1697 
Rachael Howland b.2 MAY 1742 
Joseph Howland b.31 JUL 1702 
Desire Taylor Gorham b.27 AUG 1793 
Edward Gorham b.15 FEB 1762 
Benjamin Gorham b.18 JUN 1715 
John Gorham b.28 SEP 1688 
Prudence Crocker b.26 JUL 1692 
Mary Sturgis b.8 MAY 1722 
Mehitable Hallett b.1684/1685 
Abigail Taylor b.abt 1765 
William Taylor b.aft 1721 
Seth Taylor b.5 SEP 1677 
Susannah Sturgis b.abt 1688 
Desire Thacher b.15 APR 1722 
Phebe Lothrop b.1701 
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