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Pedigree: Timothy Pitkin
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Timothy Pitkin b.13 JAN 1727 
William Pitkin b.30 APR 1694 
William Pitkin b.11 DEC 1608 
Ozias Goodwin b.abt 1596 
Mary Woodward b.abt 1609 
Elizabeth Stanley b.24 OCT 1669 
Caleb Stanley b.1641/1642 
Timothy Stanley b.22 Jan 1604 
Hannah Cowles b.2 FEB 1643/4 
John Cowles b.1598 
Hannah Varnum b.1614/1620 
Mary Woodbridge b.bef 19 JUN 1692 
Timothy Woodbridge b.13 JAN 1656 
Mercy Dudley b.27 SEP 1621 
Thomas Dudley b.12 Oct 1576 
Dorothy Yorke b.25 Apr 1582 
Mehitabel Wyllys b.abt 1656 
Samuel Wyllis b.19 FEB 1631 
George Wyllys b.1590 
Mary Smith b.1595 
Ruth Haynes b.1639 
John Haynes b.1 MAY 1594 
Mabel Harlakenden b.27 SEP 1614 
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