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Pedigree: Timothy Dwight
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Timothy Dwight b.14 MAY 1752 
Timothy Dwight b.27 MAY 1726 
Timothy Dwight b.19 OCT 1694 
Nathaniel Dwight b.20 NOV 1666 
Timothy Dwight b.26 OCT 1633 
Anna Flynt b.11 SEP 1643 
Mehitable Partridge b.26 AUG 1675 
Samuel Partridge b.15 OCT 1645 
Mehitable Crow b.abt 1652 
Experience King b.17 APR 1693 
John King b.5 JUL 1657 
John King b.1629 
Sarah Holton b.AUG 1637 
Mehitable Pomeroy b.3 JUL 1666 
Medad Pomeroy b.bef 19 AUG 1638 
Experience Woodward b.bef 10 NOV 1643 
Mary Edwards b.17 APR 1734 
Jonathan Edwards b.5 OCT 1703 
Timothy Edwards b.14 MAY 1669 
Richard Edwards b.1 MAY 1647 
Elizabeth Tuttle b.bef 9 NOV 1645 
Esther Stoddard b.2 JUN 1672 
Solomon Stoddard b.abt 28 SEP 1643 
Esther Warham b.1640 
Sarah Pierpont b.9 JAN 1710 
James Pierpont b.4 JAN 1660 
John Pierpont b.abt 1625 
Thankful Stowe b.bef 29 MAR 1629 
Mary Hooker b.3 JUL 1673 
Samuel Hooker b.abt 1633 
Mary Willett b.10 NOV 1637 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.