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Pedigree: Thomas Hyde
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Thomas Hyde b.JUL 1672 
Samuel Hyde b.1636/7 
William Hyde b.1597/1600 
Robert Hyde b.1543 
Robert Hyde b.1522 
Jane Davenport b.abt 1525 
Beatrice Calverly b.abt 1545 
Elizabeth Sneyd b.abt 1514 
Hester Trott b.1609 
Jane Lee b.12 SEP 1640 
Thomas Lee b.1613 
Henry Lee b.1585 
Richard Lee b.1534 
Hugh Calveley b.1563 
Phoebe Browne b.1620 
William Browne b.29 Nov 1593 
Jane Burgess Or Mills b.27 Jun 1596 
Thomas Mills b.1561 
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