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Pedigree: Susan Sherman
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Susan Sherman b.10 OCT 1825 
Charles Robert Sherman b.26 SEP 1788 
Taylor Sherman b.5 SEP 1758 
Daniel Sherman b.14 AUG 1721 
John Sherman b.1 JUN 1687 
Emma Preston b.3 MAR 1688 
Nathan Taylor b.7 FEB 1681/2 
Hannah Benedict b.16 NOV 1684 
Elizabeth Stoddard b.14 JUN 1769 
Israel Stoddard b.28 JAN 1731/2 
Eliakim Stoddard b.3 APR 1705 
Joanna Curtis b.5 SEP 1708 
Elizabeth Reed b.30 AUG 1738 
Mary Hoyt b.28 DEC 1787 
Isaac Hoyt b.abt 1755 
James Hoyt b.25 MAY 1708 
Joseph Hoyt b.4 OCT 1670 
Sarah Pickett b.4 APR 1678 
Hannah Gold b.abt 1716 
John Gould b.abt 1680 
Hannah Higginbotham b.abt 1685 
Mary Raymond b.abt 1750 
Eliakim Raymond b.20 FEB 1720 
Samuel Raymond b.7 MAY 1697 
Elizabeth Hoyt b.abt 1700 
Hannah Street b.8 SEP 1722 
Nathaniel Street b.19 JAN 1692/3 
Mary Raymond b.5 MAR 1693/4 
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Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.