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Pedigree: Sarah Elizabeth Sabin
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Sarah Elizabeth Sabin b.29 JUN 1814 
Jesse Sabin b.31 JUL 1772 
Zebadiah Sabin b.14 JAN 1736 
Hezekiah Sabin b.5 NOV 1692 
John Sabin b.27 OCT 1666 
Sarah Peck b.2 FEB 1669 
Zerviah Hosmer b.9 OCT 1695 
James Hosmer, III b.23 OCT 1660 
Elizabeth Sawyer b.5 FEB 1663 
Anna Dwight b.24 FEB 1732 
John Dwight b.7 NOV 1698 
Josiah Dwight b.19 FEB 1670/1 
Mary Partridge b.abt 1678 
Sibil Hamlin b.10 OCT 1704 
John Hamlin b.14 DEC 1658 
Mary Collins b.11 MAY 1666 
Esther Bulkeley b.abt 1778 
Charles Bulkeley b.22 MAY 1752 
John Bulkeley b.19 APR 1704/5 
John Bulkeley b.1679 
Abigail Marsh b.1 OCT 1712 
John Marsh b.29 MAR 1679 
Joanna Porter b.24 DEC 1686 
Elizabeth Taintor b.9 MAY 1752 
John Taintor b.23 FEB 1725/6 
Michael Taintor b.6 SEP 1680 
Eunice Foote b.10 MAY 1694 
Esther Clark b.14 OCT 1729 
Noah Clark b.1697 
Sarah Taintor b.19 NOV 1698 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.