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Pedigree: Samuel Lathrop
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Samuel Lathrop b.1 MAY 1772 
Joseph Lathrop b.20 OCT 1731 
Solomon Lathrop b.13 DEC 1706 
Joseph Lathrop b.OCT 1661 
Elizabeth Scudder b.12 MAY 1622 
Martha Perkins b.28 AUG 1705 
Joseph Perkins b.21 JUN 1674 
Jacob Perkins b.abt 12 JUL 1624 
Elizabeth Whipple b.abt 1629 
Martha Morgan b.22 MAR 1680 
Joseph Morgan b.29 OCT 1646 
Dorothy Parke b.6 Mar 1652 
Elizabeth Dwight b.23 JUL 1736 
Seth Dwight b.18 AUG 1707 
Henry Dwight b.20 DEC 1676 
Timothy Dwight b.26 OCT 1633 
Anna Flynt b.11 SEP 1643 
Lydia Hawley b.7 JUL 1680 
Joseph Hawley b.7 JUN 1654 
Lydia Marshall b.13 FEB 1655/6 
Abigail Strong b.24 MAR 1711 
Ebenezer Strong b.2 AUG 1671 
Hannah Clapp b.1646 
Elizabeth Parsons b.3 FEB 1677 
Joseph Parsons b.1 NOV 1647 
Elizabeth Strong b.29 FEB 1648 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.