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Pedigree: Samuel Bartlett
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Samuel Bartlett b.29 AUG 1696 
Joseph Bartlett, II b.18 APR 1665 
Joseph Bartlett b.02/15/1646 
Robert Bartlett b.27 APR 1603 
Robert Bartlett b.2 DEC 1579 
Ann Barker b.abt 9 OCT 1570 
Mary Warren b.abt 1605 
Richard Warren b.1580/1590 
Hannah Pope b.08/17/1639 
Thomas Pope b.1608 
John Pope b.1580 
Anne Fallowell b.abt 1610 
Katherine Finney b.bef 1595 
Lydia Griswold b.16 OCT 1670 
Francis Griswold b.abt 1629 
Edward Griswold b.bef 26 JUL 1607 
George Griswold b.bef 6 NOV 1574 
Dousabel Leigh b.10 JUL 1576 
Margaret Hicks b.abt 1610 
Robert Hicks b.1583 
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