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Pedigree: Sally Adams Fry
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Joshua Fry, II b.1 DEC 1760 
John Fry b.7 MAY 1737 
Sarah Adams b.aft 1731 
Tabitha Cocke b.1698 
Anne Bowler b.01/23/1673 
Peachy Walker b.6 FEB 1767 
Dr. Thomas Walker b.01/15/1715 
Col. Thomas Walker b.abt 1689 
John Walker b.abt 1654 
Susannah Peachy b.abt 1688 
Mildred Thornton b.03/21/1721 
Francis Thornton b.01/04/1682 
Francis Thornton b.11/05/1651 
Alice Savage b.1653 
Sarah Smith b.01/01/1660 
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