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Pedigree: Rev. Paul Revere Frothingham
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Ebenezer Frothingham b.13 DEC 1756 
Mary Whittemore b.7 APR 1724 
Joanna Langdon b.28 MAR 1755 
Nathaniel Langdon b.14 SEP 1695 
Abigail Harris b.abt 1717 
Ann Gorham Brooks b.19 JUN 1797 
Peter Chardon Brooks b.6 JAN 1767 
Edward Brooks b.31 OCT 1733 
Abigail Brown b.abt 1744 
Ann (Anna) Gorham b.abt 1771 
Nathaniel Gorham b.27 MAY 1738 
Rebecca Call b.14 MAY 1744 
Anna Pearson Lunt b.15 AUG 1830 
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