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Pedigree: Rev. Henry Neeson Botts
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Rev. Henry Neeson Botts b.21 JUN 1902 
Col. Lawson Botts b.26 JUN 1825 
Benjamin Botts b.29 APR 1776 
Jane Tyler b.abt 1775 
Ann Carter Willis b.FEB 1805 
Col. Byrd Charles Willis b.29 AUG 1781 
Mary Willis Lewis b.24 JUN 1782 
Sarah Elizabeth Ranson b.21 AUG 1829 
James Lackland Ranson b.15 JUN 1791 
Frances Madison Hite b.28 DEC 1790 
Capt. George Hite b.28 OCT 1761 
Deborah Rutherford b.abt 1760 
Lillian Word Neeson b.14 DEC 1873 
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