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Pedigree: Queen Elizabeth II Alexandra Mary Windsor
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George V of England b.JUN 1865 
Edward VII of England b.9 NOV 1841 
Victoria of England b.24 MAY 1819 
Alexandra of Denmark b.1 DEC 1844 
Louise of Hesse-kassel b.7 SEP 1817 
Mary of Teck b.26 MAY 1867 
Francis Duke of Teck b.27 AUG 1837 
Claude George Bowes-lyon b.14 MAR 1855 
Claude Bowes-lyon b.21 JUL 1824 
Charlotte Grimstead b.6 JUL 1800 
Frances Dora Smith b.29 JUL 1832 
Oswald Smith b.7 JUN 1794 
Edwin Burnaby b.29 SEP 1799 
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