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Pedigree: Philip Mountbatten Duke of Edinburgh
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George I of Greece b.24 DEC 1845 
Louise of Hesse-kassel b.7 SEP 1817 
Charlotte of Denmark b.30 OCT 1789 
Nicholas I of Russia b.6 JUL 1796 
Joseph of Saxe-Altenburg b.27 AUG 1789 
Amelie of Wurttemberg b.28 JUN 1799 
Wilhelmina of Baden b.10 SEP 1788 
Countess Julia von Hauke b.12 NOV 1825 
Graf Hans Moritz Hauke b.10/26/1775 
Louis IV Duke of Hesse b.12 SEP 1837 
Charles of Hesse b.23 APR 1809 
Elisabeth of Prussia b.18 JUN 1815 
Alice of England b.25 APR 1843 
Victoria of England b.24 MAY 1819 
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