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Pedigree: Oliver Wolcott
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Oliver Wolcott b.11 JAN 1760 
Oliver Wolcott b.20 NOV 1726 
Roger Wolcott b.4 JAN 1678/9 
Simon Wolcott b.11 SEP 1624 
Henry Wolcott b.5 DEC 1578 
Elizabeth Saunders b.20 DEC 1584 
Martha Pitkin b.12 DEC 1639 
William Pitkin b.11 DEC 1608 
Sarah Drake b.10 MAY 1686 
Job Drake b.28 MAR 1652 
Job Drake b.1629 
Mary Wolcott b.1622/1625 
Elizabeth Clark b.28 OCT 1651 
Daniel Clark b.1622/1623 
Mary Newberry b.22 OCT 1626 
Laura Collins b.1 JAN 1733 
Daniel Collins b.13 JUN 1701 
John Collins b.1 MAR 1664/5 
John Collins b.abt 1640 
Ann Leete b.5 AUG 1671 
John Leete b.1639 
Mary Chittenden b.17 AUG 1647 
Lois Cornwall b.7 FEB 1701/2 
William Cornwall b.13 SEP 1671 
William Cornwall b.SEP 1642 
Rebecca Bull b.27 AUG 1644 
Esther Ward b.15 DEC 1669 
John Ward b.abt 1618 
Mary Harris b.1 MAY 1645 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.