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Pedigree: Norma Jean Utlaut
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Norma Jean Utlaut b.29 MAY 1943 
Troy Louis Utlaut b.16 APR 1902 
Myrtle Ellen Clark b.10 MAR 1909 
Louis Wilford Clark b.7 OCT 1872 
George Thomas Clark b.7 DEC 1842 
Drury Jackson Holland b.24 NOV 1816 
Martha Rainey Maxwell b.23 NOV 1825 
Lula Lusty Turner b.4 SEP 1873 
Stephen Terry Turner b.1 AUG 1806 
Lucinda Joyce b.1847 
Martin James Joyce b.28 APR 1806 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.