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Pedigree: Mercy Matilda Newcomb
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Mercy Matilda Newcomb b.24 DEC 1813 
Rev. Obadiah Newcomb b.19 AUG 1775 
Simon Newcomb b.1745 
Simon Newcomb b.1705 
Simon Newcomb b.1662 
Deborah Buel b.18 Oct 1665 
Thomas Lathrop b.22 AUG 1668 
Mehitable Sarson b.abt 1670 
Mercy Gore b.1743 
Eleanor Bishop b.8 MAR 1770 
John Bishop b.1709 
Sarah Darte b.16 Jun 1681 
David Whipple b.1676 
Jemima Calkin b.abt 1740 
Samuel Calkins b.17 Oct 1699 
Samuel Hugh Calkins b.OCT 1663 
Hannah Gifford b.7 JAN 1671 
Damaris Strong b.8 May 1703 
Josiah Strong b.11 JAN 1678/9 
Joanna Gillett b.28 OCT 1680 
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