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Pedigree: Mary Tayloe Lloyd
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Mary Tayloe Lloyd b.26 MAY 1784 
Edward Lloyd, IV b.15 DEC 1744 
Edward Lloyd b.8 MAY 1711 
Edward Lloyd b.10 FEB 1667 
Henrietta Maria Neale b.03/27/1647 
Elizabeth Gwynn Tayloe b.6 MAR 1749 
John Tayloe, II b.05/28/1721 
John Tayloe b.02/15/1687 
Anne Corbin b.02/09/1663 
Elizabeth Gwynn b.12/31/1692 
David Gwynn b.abt 1644 
Katherine Griffin b.03/16/1664 
Rebecca Plater b.10/31/1732 
George Plater b.abt 1664 
Anne Burford b.abt 1670 
Rebecca Tasker Addison b.01/03/1702 
Col. Thomas Addison b.abt 1680 
Elizabeth Tasker b.abt 1688 
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