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Pedigree: Lucretia Webb
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Lucretia Webb b.8 MAY 1775 
Nathaniel Webb b.1 AUG 1735 
Nathaniel Webb b.10 FEB 1695 
Samuel Webb b.6 AUG 1660 
Christopher Webb b.18 NOV 1630 
Hannah Scott b.1636 
Martha Mary Adams b.8 SEP 1664 
Captain Samuel Adams b.1616/1617 
Rebecca Graves b.abt 1631 
Elizabeth Fitch b.1 JUN 1696 
John Fitch b.abt JAN 1666 
James Fitch b.24 DEC 1622 
Priscilla Mason b.OCT 1641 
Elizabeth Waterman b.8 AUG 1675 
Thomas Waterman b.30 NOV 1644 
Miriam Tracy b.abt 1649 
Zerviah Abbe b.1741 
Joshua Abbe b.20 JAN 1710 
Ebenezer Abbe b.31 Jul 1683 
Samuel Abbe b.1650 
Mary Knowlton b.1653 
Mary Allen b.10 JUN 1688 
Joshua Allen b.1646 
Mary Crow b.abt 1653 
Mary Ripley b.16 NOV 1716 
Joshua Ripley, Jr. b.13 MAY 1688 
Joshua Ripley, Sr. b.9 NOV 1658 
Hannah Bradford b.9 MAY 1662 
Mary Backus b.22 DEC 1694 
John Backus b.9 FEB 1661 
Mary Bingham b.1 Jul 1672 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.