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Pedigree: Lt. Lion Tyler Miles
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Lt. Lion Tyler Miles b.4 MAR 1910 
Alfred Hart Miles b.2 NOV 1883 
Elizabeth Gilmer Tyler b.13 MAR 1884 
Lyon Gardiner Tyler b.24 AUG 1853 
John Tyler, III b.02/28/1747 
David Gardiner b.2 MAY 1784 
Juliana McLachlan b.6 FEB 1799 
Annie Baker Tucker b.8 APR 1855 
Henry St George Tucker b.5 JAN 1828 
Henry St George Tucker b.29 DEC 1780 
Ann Eveline Hunter b.20 SEP 1789 
Thomas Walker Gilmer b.5 APR 1802 
Ann Elizabeth Baker b.9 NOV 1809 
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