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Pedigree: Louisa May Alcott
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Louisa May Alcott b.29 NOV 1832 
Amos Bronson Alcott b.29 NOV 1799 
John Alcott b.28 DEC 1731 
John Alcott b.14 JAN 1705 
Deborah Blakeslee b.15 MAR 1713 
Mary Chatfield b.11 OCT 1736 
Solomon Chatfield b.13 AUG 1708 
Hannah Pierson b.4 AUG 1715 
Anna Bronson b.20 JAN 1773 
Amos Bronson b.3 FEB 1730 
John Bronson b.23 APR 1701 
Anne Blakeslee b.6 OCT 1733 
Elizabeth Barnes b.17 OCT 1703 
Abigail May b.8 OCT 1800 
Joseph May b.25 MAR 1760 
Samuel May b.17 FEB 1722/3 
Ebenezer May b.19 OCT 1692 
Abigail Gore b.26 AUG 1693 
Abigail Williams b.22 AUG 1733 
Joseph Williams b.10 APR 1708 
Martha Howell b.1712 
Dorothy Sewall b.23 DEC 1758 
Samuel Sewall b.2 MAY 1715 
Joseph Sewall b.15 AUG 1688 
Elizabeth Walley b.4 MAY 1693 
Elizabeth Quincy b.15 OCT 1729 
Edmund Quincy b.1703 
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