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Pedigree: Lewis Bartholomew Woodruff
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Morris Woodruff b.3 SEP 1777 
James Woodruff b.21 AUG 1749 
Jacob Woodruff b.13 AUG 1717 
Nathaniel Woodruff b.16 MAY 1688 
Thankful Wright b.23 MAY 1687 
Ann Griswold b.abt 1720 
Jacob Griswold b.26 MAR 1690 
Comfort Buck b.1693 
Lucy Morris b.14 AUG 1734 
James Morris b.21 JAN 1720/1 
James Morris b.abt 1689 
Abigail Rowe b.13 AUG 1689 
Phebe Barnes b.2 AUG 1712 
Thomas Barnes b.26 AUG 1653 
Abigail Frost b.8 OCT 1670 
Candace Catlin b.2 APR 1786 
Lewis Catlin b.3 JUL 1758 
Abijah Catlin b.6 APR 1715 
Samuel Catlin b.11 APR 1673 
Elizabeth Norton b.5 JAN 1682 
Hannah Cooke b.20 JUN 1717 
Aaron Cook b.23 SEP 1689 
Hannah Wadsworth b.24 AUG 1690 
Candance Catlin b.26 APR 1767 
George Catlin b.22 DEC 1731 
Benjamin Catlin b.1 FEB 1680 
Margaret Kellogg b.JAN 1690 
Mindwell Phelps b.17 FEB 1732 
Edward Phelps b.1697 
Deborah Griswold b.7 NOV 1698 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.