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Pedigree: Lawrence Fitzhugh
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Lawrence Fitzhugh b.1 FEB 1802 
Henry Fitzhugh, II b.09/18/1723 
William Fitzhugh b.01/10/1649 
Sarah Tucker b.08/02/1663 
Susannah Cooke b.12/07/1693 
Sarah Battaile b.08/23/1731 
John Battaile, II b.abt 1689 
Elizabeth Smith b.abt 1668 
Sarah Taliaferro b.10/16/1695 
Sarah Smith b.01/01/1660 
Sarah Washington Ashton b.30 SEP 1769 
Burdett Ashton b.21 NOV 1747 
Charles Ashton b.3 MAY 1712 
Margaret Hart b.1680 
Sarah Butler b.9 JUL 1715 
Anne Washington b.2 APR 1752 
Jane Butler b.12/24/1699 
William Aylett b.abt 1701 
Anne Ashton b.1701 
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