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Pedigree: Laurence Simmons Baker
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Laurence Simmons Baker b.15 MAY 1830 
John Burgess Baker b.abt 1780 
Col. Lawrence Baker b.abt 1745 
Henry Baker b.1715 
Col Henry Baker b.1684/1687 
Angelica Bray b.abt 1685 
Catherine Booth b.abt 1715 
Anna Maria Burgess b.abt 1760 
Mary Wynns Gregory b.17 MAR 1787 
James Gregory b.abt 1756 
Mary Wynn b.8 NOV 1760 
Col. Benjamin Wynn b.abt 1705/1715 
George Wynns b.1675 
Rose Bush b.abt 1674 
Margaret Pugh b.abt 1720 
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