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Pedigree: Juliet H. Fowler
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Juliet H. Fowler b.7 MAY 1803 
Benjamin Fowler b.25 OCT 1772 
Mary Hughes b.11 SEP 1772 
Ellis Hughes b.12 JAN 1739 
William Hughes b.02/16/1716 
Ellis Hughes b.01/10/1686 
Jane Foulke b.01/10/1684 
Amy Willets b.12/16/1716 
Thomas Willets b.03/16/1682 
Hannah Yarnall b.1 JAN 1747 
Francis Yarnall b.27 JUL 1719 
Peter Yarnall b.20 OCT 1690 
Alice Worrilow b.16 MAY 1698 
Mary Lincoln b.27 SEP 1719 
Mordecai Lincoln, VII b.04/24/1686 
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