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Pedigree: Henry Carrington Alexander
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James Waddel Alexander b.13 MAR 1804 
Archibald Alexander b.17 APR 1772 
William Alexander b.22 MAR 1737 
Margaret Parks b.31 JAN 1712 
Agnes Ann Reid b.JUL 1741 
Sarah Reid b.1707 
James Waddell b.JUL 1739 
Mary Gordon b.17 JUL 1752 
James Gordon b.1714 
Mary Harrison b.1727 
George Cabell b.5 OCT 1774 
Nicholas Cabell b.10/20/1750 
Dr. William Cabell b.9 MAR 1699 
Hannah Carrington b.5/28/1751 
Anne Mayo b.1712 
Susanna Wyatt b.abt 1778 
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