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Pedigree: Henry C. McDowell
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Henry C. McDowell b.24 AUG 1861 
Henry Clay McDowell b.9 FEB 1832 
William Adair McDowell b.21 MAR 1795 
Samuel McDowell b.8 MAR 1764 
Samuel McDowell b.29 OCT 1735 
Mary McClung b.28 MAY 1734 
Anna Irvine b.28 NOV 1763 
Abraham Irvine b.9 MAY 1725 
Mary Deane b.22 FEB 1722 
Maria Hawkins Harvey b.20 AUG 1799 
Anne Brown Clay b.14 FEB 1837 
Senator Henry Clay b.12 APR 1777 
Rev. John Clay b.abt 1745 
Lucretia Hart b.18 MAR 1781 
Susanna Gray b.1746 
Maria Julia Prather b.10 MAY 1814 
Thomas Prather, III b.2 DEC 1770 
Matilda Martha Fontaine b.18 SEP 1782 
Capt. Aaron Fontaine b.30 NOV 1753 
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