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Pedigree: Gloria Laura Vanderbilt
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Gloria Laura Vanderbilt b.20 FEB 1924 
Cornelius Vanderbilt, II b.27 NOV 1843 
Cornelius Vanderbilt b.27 MAY 1794 
Sophia Johnson b.7 MAY 1795 
Maria Louisa Kissam b.24 JUN 1821 
Alice Claypoole Gwynne b.26 NOV 1845 
Abraham Evan Gwynne b.18 JUN 1821 
Rachel Moore Flagg b.21 APR 1822 
Henry Collins Flagg b.5 JAN 1792 
Martha Whiting b.25 JAN 1792 
Mercedes "Gloria" Morgan b.23 AUG 1904 
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