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Pedigree: George Washington Gale Ferris
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Sylvanus Ferris b.5 MAR 1773 
Sylvanus Ferris b.10 AUG 1737 
James Ferris b.18 DEC 1699 
Mary ______ b.abt 1705 
Mary Mead b.29 SEP 1743 
Benjamin Mead b.18 MAR 1701 
Martha Ferris b.8 NOV 1708 
Hezekiah Olmstead b.16 DEC 1750 
Nathan Olmstead b.7 MAR 1716/7 
Milicent Goodrich b.23 JAN 1722/3 
Sarah Gale b.8 JUL 1755 
John Gale b.9 OCT 1732 
Sarah Waterbury b.12 APR 1732 
Martha Edgerton Hyde b.24 OCT 1820 
Jabez Perkins Hyde b.12 JUN 1791 
Jedediah Hyde b.24 AUG 1738 
Jedediah Hyde b.2 JUN 1712 
Jerusha Perkins b.1 SEP 1711 
Mary Fanning b.1730 
Martha Edgerton b.18 MAR 1790 
Jedediah Edgerton b.28 AUG 1759 
Abiah Hough b.11 FEB 1738 
Lucy Curtis b.3 SEP 1760 
Hosea Curtis b.1716 
Mary Gilbert b.24 AUG 1719 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.