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Pedigree: George Compton
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George Compton b.18 OCT 1664 
James Compton b.19 AUG 1622 
Spencer Compton b.MAY 1601 
Henry Compton b.16 FEB 1537 
Elizabeth Spencer b.abt 1564 
Mary Beaumont b.abt 1604 
Francis Beaumont b.abt 1570 
Mary Pierrepont b.abt 1560 
Sir George Pierrepont b.07/16/1510 
Winfred Thwaites b.abt 1525 
Mary Noel b.abt 1628 
Baptist Noel b.1611/1612 
Edward Noel b.1582 
Andrew Noel b.1558 
Juliana Hicks b.Jul 1586 
Hester Wotton b.abt 1615 
Thomas Wotton b.abt 1583 
Edward Wotton b.1550 
Mary Throckmorton b.abt 1585 
Anne Lucas b.abt 1561 
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