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Pedigree: Gen. Andrew H. Lewis
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Gen. Andrew H. Lewis b.9 OCT 1720 
John Lewis b.1678 
Andrew Lewis b.1648 
William Lewis b.1638 
John Lewis b.1594 
Lydia Warner b.1610 
Mary McClelland b.abt 1632 
Mary Calhoun b.1652 
Margaret Lynn b.3 JUL 1693 
William Lynn b.1641 
Andrew Lynn b.1605 
John Lynn b.1585 
Ann Blair b.1610 
Gavin Blair b.1578 
John Patton b.abt 1630 
William Patton b.abt 1590 
Margaret Johnstone b.abt 1593 
Nancy Neely b.1637 
John Neely b.abt 1615 
Nancy Siege b.abt 1615 
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