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Pedigree: Gaspar Griswold "David" Bacon Jr.
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Gaspar Griswold Bacon b.7 MAR 1886 
Robert Bacon b.5 JUL 1850 
William Benjamin Bacon b.15 FEB 1823 
Daniel Carpenter Bacon b.23 MAY 1787 
Desire Taylor Gorham b.27 AUG 1793 
Emily Crosby Low b.22 SEP 1835 
Martha Waldron Cowdin b.15 NOV 1860 
Priscilla Toland b.19 SEP 1888 
Edward Dale Toland b.27 AUG 1859 
Charlotte Graham Rush b.12 FEB 1860 
Col. Richard Henry Rush b.14 JAN 1825 
Richard Rush b.29 AUG 1780 
Susan Bowdoin Yerby b.28 APR 1829 
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