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Pedigree: Frederick Harold Van Rensselaer
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John King Van Rensselaer b.17 JUL 1847 
Stephen Van Rensselaer b.4 NOV 1764 
Stephen Van Rensselaer b.2 JUN 1742 
Catherine Livingston b.25 AUG 1745 
Cornelia Paterson b.4 JUN 1780 
William Paterson b.24 DEC 1745 
Elizabeth Ray King b.17 AUG 1815 
John Alsop King b.3 JAN 1788 
Rufus King b.24 MAR 1755 
Mary Alsop b.17 OCT 1769 
Mary Ray b.17 SEP 1790 
Cornelius Ray b.8 MAY 1755 
Elizabeth Elmendorf b.30 JAN 1757 
Maria Denning "May" King b.25 MAY 1848 
Archibald Gracie King b.11 JUL 1821 
James Gore King b.8 MAY 1791 
Rufus King b.24 MAR 1755 
Mary Alsop b.17 OCT 1769 
Archibald Gracie b.25 JUN 1755 
Elizabeth Denning Duer b.25 JUL 1821 
William Alexander Duer b.8 SEP 1780 
William Duer b.18 MAR 1743 
Catherine Alexander b.8 MAR 1755 
Hannah Maria Denning b.27 SEP 1782 
William Denning b.APR 1740 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.