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Pedigree: Francis Peabody
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Francis Peabody b.7 DEC 1801 
Joseph Peabody b.12 SEP 1757 
Deacon Francis Peabody b.21 SEP 1715 
Francis Peabody b.1 DEC 1694 
Isaac Peabody b.abt 1648 
Sarah Estes b.bef 1674 
Abraham Perkins b.2 SEP 1639 
Hannah Beamsley b.13 DEC 1642/3 
Ruth Knight b.30 SEP 1722 
Elizabeth Smith b.2 APR 1767 
Elias Smith b.8 AUG 1731 
Benjamin Smith b.16 DEC 1692 
Francis Smith b.23 DEC 1658 
Ruth Maverick b.abt 1654 
Catherine Blanchard b.11 NOV 1736 
Joseph Blanchard b.11 FEB 1704 
Joseph Blanchard b.1 SEP 1672 
Abiah Hassell b.13 MAY 1673 
Rebecca Hubbard b.11 FEB 1710 
Jonathan Hubbard b.18 Jun 1683 
Rebecca Brown b.5 MAR 1684 
Researcher Legend

Birthplace Legend: Color codes are more or less chosen based on the east-west (lighter to darker) or south-north (lighter to darker) location in the country or state.