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Pedigree: Florence Elizabeth Blair
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Florence Elizabeth Blair b.13 SEP 1905 
Isaiah Blair b.4 JUN 1843 
Jacob Blair b.1767 
Jacob Blair b.abt 1735 
John Walker b.1734 
Mary Elizabeth Long b.abt 1740 
John Compton b.1786 
John Compton, II b.OCT 1760 
James Wallace b.1770 
Viola Coleman b.2 MAY 1877 
Daniel Coleman b.FEB 1854 
Peter Coleman b.1772 
Elizabeth Ann Cox b.1826/1830 
Benjamin Cox b.1790/1794 
Elizabeth Ratliff b.AUG 1861 
Alexander Ratliff b.27 FEB 1818 
Elizabeth Hylton b.abt 1817 
James Johnson b.1815 
Nancy Warrix b.1810 
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