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Pedigree: First Lady Helen "Nellie" Herron
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John Williams Herron b.10 MAY 1827 
Francis Herron b.3 OCT 1794 
Mary McNutt b.1725 
Nancy Reynolds b.20 DEC 1764 
Jane Willis b.1802 
Harriet Anne Collins b.15 SEP 1833 
Ela Collins b.14 FEB 1786 
Oliver Collins b.25 AUG 1762 
Jonathan Collins b.28 APR 1698 
Agnes Lynn b.abt 1723 
Lois Cole b.19 MAY 1761 
Ebenezer Cole b.26 FEB 1718 
Mercy Johnson b.1727 
Maria Clinton b.4 MAY 1791 
Isaac Clinton b.21 JAN 1759 
Lawrence Clinton b.abt 1723 
Sarah Tryall b.1728 
Charity Welles b.3/11/1766 
David Welles b.28 MAR 1738 
Joannah Wilcoxson b.2/11/1741 
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