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Pedigree: Ethel Chapin
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Ethel Chapin b.19 APR 1881 
Amory Chapin b.7 MAY 1802 
Amariah Chapin b.20 APR 1762 
Col. Joseph Chapin, Jr. b.29 JAN 1730 
Ruth Taft b.19 FEB 1739 
Olive Taft b.16 APR 1770 
Jacob Taft b.22 APR 1725 
Esther Marsh b.28 JUN 1726 
Sarah Dunn Hoppin b.18 AUG 1818 
Thomas Coles Hoppin b.3 OCT 1785 
Benjamin Hoppin b.12 MAY 1746 
Anna Rawson b.8 MAY 1749 
Harriet Dunn Jones b.14 JUN 1792 
Gov. William Jones b.8 OCT 1753 
Anne Dunn b.17 APR 1765 
Eliza Simmons b.1848 
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