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Pedigree: Emily Bradley Saltonstall
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Leverett Saltonstall, II b.16 MAR 1825 
Leverett Saltonstall, I b.13 JUN 1783 
Mary Eliza Saunders b.1 MAR 1788 
Rose Smith Lee b.24 JAN 1835 
John Clarke Lee b.9 APR 1804 
Harriet Paine Rose b.5 FEB 1804 
Eleanor Brooks b.18 SEP 1867 
Peter Chardon Brooks b.8 MAY 1831 
Gorham Brooks b.10 FEB 1795 
Ellen Shepherd b.31 JUL 1809 
Sarah Lawrence b.5 JUL 1845 
Amos Adams Lawrence b.31 JUL 1814 
Alice Wesselhoeft b.3 FEB 1893 
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