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Pedigree: Ellen Day Hale
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Ellen Day Hale b.11 FEB 1855 
Hon. Nathan Hale, Sr. b.16 AUG 1784 
Rev. Enoch Hale b.28 OCT 1754 
Deacon Richard Hale b.28 FEB 1717 
Elizabeth Strong b.2 FEB 1727 
Octavia Throop b.7 JUL 1754 
Benjamin Throop b.9 JUN 1712 
Sybil Dyer b.23 OCT 1714 
Sarah Preston Everett b.5 SEP 1796 
Oliver Everett b.11 JUN 1752 
Ebenezer Everett b.5 AUG 1707 
Joanna Stevens b.SEP 1711 
Lucy Hill b.12 JAN 1768 
Emily Baldwin Perkins b.23 NOV 1829 
Thomas Clapp Perkins b.30 JUL 1798 
Enoch Perkins b.16 AUG 1760 
Matthew Perkins b.31 AUG 1713 
Hannah Bishop b.2 AUG 1722 
Anna Pitkin b.19 FEB 1764 
Timothy Pitkin b.13 JAN 1727 
Temperance Clapp b.29 APR 1732 
Mary Foote Beecher b.19 JUL 1805 
Lyman Beecher b.12 OCT 1775 
David Beecher b.25 APR 1738 
Esther Hawley Lyman b.17 FEB 1741/2 
Roxanna Foote b.10 JAN 1775 
Eli Foote b.30 OCT 1747 
Roxanna Ward b.7 JAN 1750/1 
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